Meet Elena, your healthy lifestyle mentor

Elena is an experienced and passionate health and personal wellness mentor, who has guided hundreds of clients in attaining their personalized goals, with her one-on-one, tailored coaching method. In 2004, newly arrived to Canada, with no English skills and no work experience in the country, it was a struggle to understand a new way of life. The wonderful people of her community helped her feel welcome and at home in this place. She became a busy professional, a wife and eventually a mother to a wonderful little boy. 

While she originally had trained in mathematics and education, she held a number of positions in the corporate and public finance sector, but that were ultimately unfulfilling on a personal level. After suffering a life and career changing repetitive strain injury of the hands, Elena was faced with the difficult and unenviable task of finding true meaning in her life again. She persevered and founded Inspire Health to help inspire others to make a transformation in their lives, to be healthier, happier people.

The realization that her most personally satisfying career experience was her contribution as a nutritional counsellor for a well-known weight loss company helped spark her future aspirations. She made use of her education background to develop an effective collection of training materials and a streamlined program that have inspired many people within her community to develop new healthy habits and improve their personal wellness. 

By providing expertise in guiding others to the achievement of their goals, regardless of busy lifestyles and other restrictions, and by sharing her own journey of learning, she has promoted better nutrition through improved understanding and created a truly positive influence in the lives of her clients.

Elena's desire and commitment to give back to as many people as possible have given her the motivation to design creative and effective solutions to her clients, in her local community, as well as around the world. It's part of a drive to global change and transformation and to building a healthier future for all people.

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Our vision

Inspire Health team has passion to help you and many other people in our global community to discover true health potential to let you feel and look your best.

With appreciation of your trust and friendship, we are dedicated to guide you to new levels of energy, that will become a foundation for fulfilling your life’s purpose and power to make a difference you dreamed of.

Your desire to live extraordinary life with confidence and meaning is what sparks us to design intelligent solutions to drive your progress and accomplishments. Compassion, creativity and authenticity are core values of our small team of talented and caring individuals whose mission is to support your deep transformation.

Keeping an open mind and being flexible is essential to us as we celebrate your results, so we constantly learn and evolve to nurture all aspects of healthy lifestyle and cultivating balance within your body and mind.

We are committed to deliver value through providing wide range of relevant information and upcoming program with practical step-by-step instructions, as well as continuous development of better methods to serve as many people as possible. Stay tuned for new product launches!

Thank you for being a part of our Inspire Health movement and for your contribution to building a healthier vibrant future for us and our children.


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